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Purpose of this website?

The purpose of this website is to enable you to quickly and easily find out how high you are. It doesn't matter whether you're on the go or not. works on your PC as well as on your smartphone or tablet, without having to install an app!

How do I use this service?

In order to tell you at what height you are, this website only needs your current location. You can find this out using 3 methods.

1. Activate your geolocation and you should see your current elevation
2. Enter the location you are searching into the search-field
3. Click on the map to get the current elevation.

How to determine my elevation?

You can search your current elevation through several methods:

A barometric measurement is checking the current air-pressure on the searched location. Wikipedia

2. Radar:
Elevation can also be measured through radar. The radar beams are directed from above onto the ground and a timestamp for the thrown back beams is taken to measure the elevation. Wikipedia

3. GPS:
A GPS signal sent from a satellite is used because GPS coordinates are always containing the elevation. Wikipedia

4. With an elevation-world-map.
If you know where you are, you can determine your current elevation through an old fashioned map or some kind of database.

To measure your current elevation through a database with given LAT and LONG coordinates is the best and easiest way.

Can I check the elevation below sea level?

Yes, you can! Our service output elevation below sea level with a (-) MINUS before the elevation number.

What data are used?

The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) ( Wikipedia article ) is a NASA mission, some in 2000 to collect elevation data for much of the world. It is currently the best task for a digital height model (DEM) due to the high height (30 x 30 m).